The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

The algorithm is toxic is a new blog where I’ll be thinking aloud outside my normal travel box. As the name suggests, the pervasiveness of algorithms and technology in our lives will be a theme. I’m not a tech. But I’m an obsessive observer.

The corrosive power of Facebook and Google will be explored across politics, human behaviour, privacy and more. The incapacity of governments and regulators to work out what to do in the age of big tech will also feature. As a small business owner and consumer, I’ll look at consumer rights and small business rights in the age of big tech.

I’ve been publishing www.rustycompass , for over a decade now. It’s an independent travel site about Vietnam and Cambodia. I hope it captures some of the deeper values of travel that have kept me on the road for the past 30 years – curiosity, a love of discovery and an appreciation of beauty created by nature and by human hands.

A fascination with history, politics, people, societies and how they work is always in the background. And there’s so much to think about that doesn’t fit into the Rusty Compass realm – hence this new indulgence.

Writing is the best way to explore an issue. It forces consideration and deeper analysis that might otherwise be overlooked. At minimum I hope I can get a better grip on the world around me from what I write here. And it’ll be a special bonus if anyone else finds value in these musings.